Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An old tradition

The Serrano Valero family in Elche have been making the traditional white palms that are used for the Domingo de Ramos celebrations for nearly 80 years. They will be making the great curled palm for Pope Benedict XVI which will be almost 3 metres high.

The Pontiff will also have a smooth palm like the ones being prepared for King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia. The King's palm will have a medallion with the figure of a dove referring to the Holy Spirit. The children, Leonor and Sofia, not to be left out, will receive smaller branches.

The Carbonell Galiano family, on the other hand, will be preparing palms for the President, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero which will have details of Christ and the Virgin Mother.

The Benediction of the Palms in Bigastro will take place in the Parque Huerto del Cura at 11:30am on Sunday 16th followed by a parade along Calle Purisima back to the Church.

You will be able to buy your palms at the market on Thursday.

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