Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Moving Bigastro forward

Over 100 industrialists from Bigastro attended the presentation of the  compeTIC and the Internaut programs.

The presentation was presided over by the Mayor of the locality, Jose Joaquin Moya and  Inmaculada Martínez, Councilperson for Promotion, accompanied by Jorge Baron, Assistant director of the Ovsi Foundation in Alicante, as the Agent of Technological Development for the province of Alicante, Daniel Garci'a.

The Councilperson for Promotion officially presented the directory of companies which already have representation on the  www.bigastro.es website. Inmaculada Martínez went on to emphasise that  anyone can easily access information about these Bigastrenense companies via the world wide web. She pointed out that the Internet is a showcase to the world and that all can benefit from it.

Next, Daniel Garci'a, Agent of Technological Development of the CompeTIC program presented the benefits this program of enterprise support which uses new technologies. He pointed out that 4,381 small and medium  SMEs in the Valencian Community, along with 423 in the Castellón province and 158 municipalities are involved in the project.

Among others services, compeTIC provides free, customised  solutions that industrialists, associations, city councils and other organisations can benefit from.  They assist in the  implementation and use of  new technologies in the productive process and provide a greater presence for companies on the Network.

Jorge Baron, Assistant director of Foundation OVSI explained all the services and programs that they have developed. He concentrated especially on the Internaut Program.

Internaut is a program developed by the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government which is directed to all the citizens of the Valencian Community who want to acquire a basic knowledge of the  Internet and want to learn how to gain the maximum benefit from  this tool in their daily lives.

Finally, D. Jose Joaquin Moya closed the proceedings by clearly emphasising the importance of knowledge and of use of  new technologies in the present society. He went on to stress that the acquisition of knowledge of these  technologies “will certainly make us more competitive” and “reduce the well-known digital breach”. He acknowledged the "gap" and said that " the City council  will do what they can to foment the Society of  Information and  Knowledge”.

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