Wednesday, March 26, 2008

¿Que pasa?

What sort of Easter weekend did you have? The girls and Laura's boyfriend came over on Friday and returned to the UK yesterday so we were busy enjoying ourselves.

It's always nice to have the house back to ourselves but sad to see the girls go. We miss their laughter and their company. Still they will come again soon.

We visited two of the processions; The Viernes Santa one in Orihuela and the Encuentro in Bigastro. You can see my pictures of these and the Palm Sunday procession by clicking on this link.

No procession would be complete without tambores

or a legion of Romans

some of the Cofradias numbered hundreds of members

At 7:15am on the day of resurrection, these young children lead the procession of Jesus

At the encounter Mary's widow's mantle was removed.
This was accompanied by a shower of white confetti and the release of white doves
which signaled a spectacular display of fireworks.

Mary was returned to the church

followed by Jesus.

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