Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A heated debate

You just knew that the Council meeting last night would end in chaos. They apparently got as far as point nine when the Mayor, obviously fed up with the constant references to the imputations and the newspaper Informacion , asked Aurelio Murcia to leave the meeting which of course he refused to do. The Local Police tried to get the spokesperson for the PP to leave and finally the Civil Guard at Jacarilla were called to evict him.

Out of  the major points of contention; the sale of 30,000 square metres of land in Sector D12 was considered to be illegal by the PP party. They claim that the sale cannot be approved without permission of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government and of the Conselleria of Presidency because the value of the land (calculated at 2,000,000 euros) is more than 25% of the anticipated income for the municipal budget. It is rural land at present but upon sale would be reclassified as urbanizable.

Another hotspot in the meeting was the approval of rents to Eurener who assemble solar panels in the new building next to the footbridge. The Council are accused of favouritism because one of the company's partners is the husband of a socialist councillor.

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