Thursday, March 20, 2008

Semana Santa procession returns to Santa Cruz

The Barrio de la Santa Cruz in the old quarter with its narrow, Sevillian style stepped streets was the scene of last night's Semana Santa procession in Alicante.

Thousands filled the route and followed as the two pasos were carried carefully down the steep steps. The paso Cristo de la fe "El Gitano" was carried by young ladies and the paso Descedimiento by men. The costaleras at the front struggled to keep control of the heavy weight that was bearing down on them. You could see the agony on their faces and the relief when they reached the bottom.

People hung out from their balconies which were draped with banderas to touch the wooden crosses as they passed by. At each stage there was a cantor singing saetas to loud applause.

It was a very emotional scene which we were privileged to watch on .2 TV.

You can watch a short video bly clicking on this link.

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