Sunday, August 24, 2008

250€ up for grabs

Following our meeting on the 5th, last night there was a disco up at the Albergue.

The music was good (not too loud!), the atmosphere was right and people were enjoying a night away from their blank screens (sic).

Of course the big attraction was the GRAND DRAW with a prize of 200€ donated by José.

All residents can have a free entry to the draw and choose any number between 000 and 999 which has not already been taken. To win though you have to be there on the night the draw takes place and have the lucky number.

First off; members cards were drawn for prizes of a bottle of wine, 10€ and 20€ of drinks at the bar. Then came the main prize. The numbers were in the bag. First one out meant that 13 people were in with a chance. The second number narrowed it down to 4. The question was; would the third number bring luck to one of those four and more important. would the winner be there to collect the prize.

Much to our relief because we weren't one of the four, nobody had the winning number. So the draw will roll over to next Saturday the 30th when the prize will be increased to 250€.

As if that isn't enough to tempt people out; José has booked Freeway, a R&B, Rock n Roll, and Country Rock band to play in the outside bar area that night. Tickets are just 5€ which includes the first drink free.

It's time to get out the lucky pants, the four leaf clover and seek out any black cats.

PS For those who can't wait until Saturday to chance their luck, there will be a RACE NIGHT on Wednesday the 27th. No entrance fee for this - just take some loose change for a flutter.

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