Monday, August 25, 2008

Surfing at speed

When we first got our ADSL via Telefónica it was wonderful to have a 3Mb connection. The previous setup with Clear Communications offered 1Mb on a good day with a following wind. In England I had 512Kb ADSL. At that speed, a large update for Windows could take 40 minutes or more to download. If you tried to open another connection it would take forever! With 3Mb available those days were behind me.

Telefónica have been upgrading their equipment and started to offer 10MB connections. I checked to see I could receive such speeds but they told me the maximum speed for my line was still 3MB.

Now though, according to Telefónica, my line will support speeds up to 10MB WOW!

I possibly don't need a connection that fast but what the hell - I have to have it. Watching videos online will be unbelievable - no stutter -no poor quality - just high definition perfection.

.....and the cost, an extra 4€ per month.

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Pete said...

Ah c'mon Keith - you know better than to be suckered by figures like that. That's AT BEST the speed you'll get between you and your ISP. That's before you factor in the dreaded contention ratio, and in a neighbourhood full of ex Brits all streaming videos like mad that's gong to matter a lot. All it will take is a few slingboxes to really rain on your parade.

Still, for that price - you might as well. And the best of British luck with it! :)