Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The high seas

We've got cocaine coming in from the north of the country and hashish from the south.

The Dirección General de la Policía and the Guardia Civil found a yacht trying to unload 2.5 tons of of the stuff in 81 bundles along with three packets of hashish pollen at the sports port at La Marina. Eight people were arrested - three from the boat and five who were helping unload the stuff .

The police also found two 9mm firearms, 14 mobile phones, a satellite terminal, a GPS navigator, a laptop and 3,720€ in cash on board the boat.

The drugs had apparently been transferred to the yacht from a Moroccan boat out at sea.

You do wonder how these people thought they could unload 81 packages from a sports boat without being noticed. The boat arrived at dawn when they'd hope few people would be about. Even that would make them look suspicious especially when five people were hanging around waiting to greet the arrival.

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