Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little pests

When we first moved in, we had the house and garden to ourselves. Gradually, over time, all manner of birds, insects and cats have found their way here.

The most persistent visitors are the ants which come in three sizes:-

  • The large ones process in orderly lines marching to and fro from their nests.
  • The medium size ones are not quite so organised but still live in the garden.
  • The tiny ones, not content to just live in the garden, invade the house as well.

Actually, the large ones are interesting to watch. Drop a crisp on the paving and they will appear as if by magic. Once they've located their target, they work together to return the booty to their nest. Some will pull from the front whilst others push from behind. They'll even climb on each other to get a higher purchase. It might take an hour or so but they get there in the end.

The tiny ones are the real nuisance. We first found them in the en-suite bathroom (the one Pam uses) where they favoured the basin. With judicious spraying, I managed to eliminate them from there.

Next they would appear in the kitchen whenever crumbs of food were left out. We got wise to that and made sure that everywhere was cleaned up. Not to be fooled, the little b****** found their way into the sugar jar. The lid has a rubber seal but that was obviously no match for their ingenuity.

Now they have started to appear in the main bathroom (the one I use). Well they can think again. I don't want to adopt ants as pets thank you.

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