Friday, August 22, 2008


Those Telmicro bosses and employees who were arrested last week in a major police swoop on the company have now been released. In all, 17 people, mostly British, were arrested in the police operation. 

The investigation has been ongoing for four months. Telmicro appeared to operate legally and indeed argue they, unlike others,  they have their Spanish licenses which allow them to broadcast. However, it seems that Telmicro is being accused of infringing intellectual property rights. Re-broadcasting a signal without the official authorisation is classified as fraud, especially if the signal is being sold. 

Charging for free-to-view channels is one thing, charging for re-broadcast subscription channels is something else. Interestingly the other companies, which are still operating have removed all Sky subscription programmes from their lists.

When the shut down occurred apparently many were in tears, others were ready to pack their bags and fly back home at the prospect of a life without their British channels. I have to say I find that hard to believe. Life without a regular supply of water or electricity, which is what some face, is intolerable but life without British TV!

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