Sunday, August 31, 2008

No winner - yet!

The little bit of a headache this morning tells me that we enjoyed another night up at the Pedrera . There was a good mix of English and Spanish people of all ages (even babies in prams) up there ready to listen to Freeway in the outside entertainment area.

During their first set, the band couldn't quite work out why there was so much echo on the music which was making it difficult to listen to. They finally figured the fault was the wooden roof that José has had installed above the stage. Moving their speakers onto the dance floor made a huge improvement. Freeway then played a wide repertoire of music including a number of R&B classics whist José , who outdoes me for a love of gadgets, kept adjusting the lighting with his remote control.

The five euro entrance fee included a free drink at the bar rather than food. For those who were peckish though , there was a BBQ serving ribs and chips which we understand were delicious.

Finally we had the GRAND DRAW. The first number out of the bag was 6 which gave 20 people (including me) a chance to win the 250€. The second number narrowed that down to just two. For the second week running, the final number meant that nobody had won. So another rollover taking the prize to 300€.

I reckon with only 120 people playing and 1,000 numbers to choose from the prize could rollover several times and maybe even get to 500€ or more.

A message to José - When I win I'd prefer the money in low denomination notes that can easily be used rather than those 50€ ones that shops hate.

PS Remember Wednesday night is QUIZ NIGHT.

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