Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The pattern of quakes

The regularity of earthquakes this year is causing alarm amongst some of the population here in the Vega Baja.

  • San Miguel de Salinas, 3.3 degrees (2nd of March)
  • Crevillente, 2.2 degrees (11th of March)
  • La Romana, 2.9 degrees (22nd of May)
  • Algorfa, 3.4 (5th August) and 2.8 degrees (18th of August)

A senior technician from the Seismological Centre of the University of Alicante believes that the latest tremor was an echo of the one we felt on the 5th, pointing out that the wave pattern was very similar. He reassures us that tremors where energy is released little by little is the normal pattern and therefore nothing to be alarmed about. We cannot discount the possibility of further tremors in the following months.

In fact in the last ten days alone there have been over forty tremors on the Iberian peninsula, the strongest being 3.1. The south of Spain and the area bordering France are both earthquake zones.

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