Monday, August 25, 2008

An offer you can't refuse

Those of you who have studied Spanish will know the frustration when you try to use your new language skills. Locals look at you as if you are speaking Martian. To make matter worse, in Bigastro they use words that don't exist in our text books.

This guy has cottoned on to the problem, here is what he says:-

Hi there, my name is Peter Christian and in the next few minutes, I'll show you how you can easily make your spoken Spanish burst into life by speaking the rich, vibrant streetwise Spanish you won't find in formal language courses. You'll speak the genuine day-to-day Spanish spoken throughout the Hispanic world most Spanish language students never know - and the locals will just love you for it!

And you can be speaking Streetwise Spanish in just one week by using my unique step-by-step digital course created from my own personal experiences living here in the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona! I'm revealing the real-life Streetwise Spanish spoken on the streets so you can quickly win the respect of the locals, make new friends and best of all, enjoy receiving rewards and perks very few non-speakers ever receive! And you'll get them because like me...

You Will Wow Native Spanish Speakers With Your
Vibrant, Authentic Spoken Spanish Time and Time Again!

OK, I'm sure like me, you know what it's like. You invest so much time and effort into studying Spanish but when you visit an Hispanic country and chat with the locals it's as if they're speaking double Dutch! And when you do speak, they smile politely and respectfully but let's be honest, they're hardly bowled over!

And then there's those embarrassing howlers causing hoots of derision or even unintentional, awkward offence and possibly earn you a humiliating rebuke. All of these happen regularly mainly because formal language study doesn't teach you the day-to-day language leaving you in the dark about those little things that can mean so much in Hispanic culture. Little things but they make a HUGE difference.

Like you I know all too well how this feels - I live in Barcelona and I soon found out that much of the Spanish the locals were speaking simply wasn't being taught in any of my three courses! It really is so frustrating isn't it? So much so you lose all of your enthusiasm and end up speaking basic enough-to-get-by Spanish and even then, only when you absolutely have to.

All this does is to greatly irritate and annoy the very people who you want to impress and who you really need on your side - the locals! They have very little patience - and even less respect - for visitors who don't speak their language and you know what? They're right to be so dismissive and abrupt with such people - it's their culture after all!


PS Here are a couple of starters to whet the appetite:-

Following a pleasant evening with friends, you are ready to go home to bed, so you say, "Voy a mi casa a planchar la oreja" literally I'm going home to iron the ear!

And if you've overslept, you can can say "Se me pegaron las sabanas" which means The sheets stuck to me!

I love those examples and I know exactly what you mean Peter. Where you lost it for me was when you claimed that I could be streetwise in a week. It took me 34 years to be streetwise in Scouse - so I'm dammed sure it will take me a lot longer than a week to be streetwise in Spanish.

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