Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Influenza A vaccines in Spain

The Minister of Sanidad y Política Socia, Jiménez Trinidad, has made proposals to the Government to counter the swine flu pandemic following the the sixth death of a victim of influenza A in Spain - a 53 year old man who had been admitted to the Hospital La Ribera de Alzira (Valencia).

The minister says that Spain has around 37 million doses of vaccine, enough for two doses per person, ready for Autumn. The Ministry of Health as still awaiting the results of clinical tests but anticipate that each person will be given an initial dose followed by a second one a few days later.

Health workers will be vaccinated first followed by groups at high risk; pregnant women, children, chronic patients and the obese. The Ministry are awaiting advice from the World Health Organisation and the European Union about how far to go with vaccination of others.

Since we have had text messages for the last two years offering us flu injections, it seems likely that we will be offered vaccine against Influenza A this year.

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