Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mountain to Mohamed


At first it is amusing but after a whole day of being pestered by people trying to sell you something on the beach, it can get tiresome. We experienced the problem first on the beaches in Southern France where they would be selling cold drinks out of cool boxes and waffles covered in chocolate all day long. On holiday at the Spanish beaches they were selling coconuts and peaches. We notice that at Guardamar they seem to specialise in pestering you to have a massage or a tattoo. At Studland beach near Swanage in Dorset, the ice cream van would come down the beach once during the afternoon. Far from being an annoyance, he was a welcome sight.

Obviously with a higher concentration of potential customers, there is a wider range of goods on sale at the beaches in Torrevieja.

This photo from Informacion shows a guy with a cart trying to make a living on the beaches at Torrevieja. I imagine there is no need to go to the shops, everything you want (or more to the point don’t want) is brought to you in a day long procession.

I'd rather lie by my pool and have Pamela offer me a cup of tea at about 6pm.

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