Saturday, July 25, 2009

Orange alert

Although it was a little cooler yesterday than it was on Wednesday and Thursday, the thermometer was still registering temperatures in the high thirties during the hottest part of the day.Today has started out cloudy so it may be a little cooler to start with.

The Ayuntamiento in Bigastro have kindly pointed us to this advice. ( click on the picture to see it full size).


The main messages are drink plenty but avoid alcohol or caffeine, heavily sugared drinks or anything which is too cold. Sports drinks are good because they replace the salts lost through sweat.

Eat light foods; plenty of fruit and vegetables rather than high protein meats.

Use sun cream of at least factor 15 if you are intending to stay out in the sun.

Avoid physical activity if you can (unless you are on today’s stage of the Tour de France that is!)

Plan your activities for the mornings or evenings when it is cooler and lastly watch out for older people and children under 5.

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