Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bee gone!

One of Pamela’s friends who lives on the Wirral has been having some renovations done to her house.

As part of the process, she decided to try and get rid of the bees that had set up a hive in the chimney stack. The bees would occasionally come into the lounge so it was time for them to go.

How do you set about removing bees though? If they had been swarming, a beekeeper could have moved them on but that would have still left the hive in the stack. So, the only recourse was to demolish the stack and the complete hive.

What they didn’t expect to see was this…

IMG00003-20100128-0928 The honeycombs almost filled the stack and reached down 1.5metres.
IMG00004-20100128-0928 From a different angle, you can see the routes the bees took into the hive they had constructed.
IMG00005-20100128-0940 Once the honeycombs had been been taken away, all traces of honey had to be removed to stop the bees from returning.

The mosquito netting that we had wrapped around our chimney stack to stop the birds from getting in should save us from a similar problem.

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