Monday, February 15, 2010

Murcia and Moya back in court

The old rivals, José Joaquín Moya, mayor of Bigastro for 25 years and Aurelio Murcia, spokesperson for the PP party will be in court today in Orihuela. This time though they both stand accused of swindle and illegal appropriation of monies paid to the town hall by the ex business partner of Murcia, Ginés Ruiz Ibañez.

It seems that in 2003, Villas Andrea, a subsidiary of Ruiz’s company Star Sol, paid a toll of 350,000 Euros to the town hall as the urbanising agents for the controversial Sector D-6 which I keep mentioning in this blog. Ruiz maintains that he never authorised that payment even though his name is on the receipt and now wants to know where that money went since his company had no interest in Sector D-6.

So, the two rivals who fought bitterly in the council chamber will now have to support each other in their defence – now that will be interesting.

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