Friday, February 19, 2010

Pure street – not so simple

It has now been ten days since work stopped on Calle Purisima so questions are being asked as to why this should be.

Remember that the work started late because of problems in awarding the contract. Once those had been dealt with, the company responsible started tearing up the street just before Christmas which was unfortunate for the shops along Purisima. That is how it had to be because the work had to at least begin in 2009. However, we are now near the end of February and the work is still nowhere near complete.

As to why this should be depends on who you listen to. The mayor, Raúl Valerio Medina says that the delay is caused by lack of materials. He says that there is currently a shortage of granite which is being used for the sets and considers the delay to be insignificant. Aurelio Murcia, for the PP party puts a different spin on the story. He suspects that the FEIL money has been diverted from this project to pay other suppliers.

Although the new paving is a great improvement on the old, you can’t help but notice that quite a few of them are already stained. Whether they were like that when they were laid or have been spoilt subsequently I cannot say. Certainly if cars are later allowed to park on them, the paving slabs will only get worse with the inevitable tyre marks and oil drips on them. That will be a shame if it is allowed because within a few years the street will look tatty again.

Only time will tell.

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