Friday, February 12, 2010

A shed becomes a house

image When you get your cédulas de habitabilidad (Certificate of Habitation) from the town hall and are connected to mains electricity then you assume that you are “home and dry” literally. The owners of 400 houses in Redován must have thought that but now they find it isn’t true because the mayoress of the town, Leticia Bas, has admitted in court that they were built on non-urbanizable land.

The case in Court Number 4 in Orihuela is looking primarily at two houses both of which were built on rural land, one of which was supposed to be a shed but turned out to be a house. Both were granted the necessary certificates to enable them to get electricity supply from Iberdrola.

The councillor for Urbanism says that “Redován is not an isolated case in the Vega Baja”. In other words there could be more similar cases to come. As an outsider, I can only conclude that a system which allows illegal houses to be built, sold and occupied must be fundamentally flawed.

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