Saturday, February 13, 2010

The word on the street

We were talking to one of the Spaniards that lives in Bigastro the other day about the problems the town is facing. She told us that popular belief was that the two one and a half hour power cuts that we experienced over the last couple of weeks were a warning shot from Iberdorla. Because Bigastro owes so much to the electricity company, they cut the supply to the whole of the town from Calle Purisima upwards.

I doubt that Iberdrola would admit to that even if it were true. It is hard to imagine how they could justify cutting the supply to homes of paying customers just because the town hall owed them money. In my  opinion, the fact the supply went off and came back on momentarily several times would indicate that there was a fault somewhere which was tripping it out.

The other rumour I’ve heard recently is that the reformation on Calle Purisima has come to a halt because the council don’t have the money to pay the company carrying out the work. Again, I think that is hardly likely since the money is coming directly from the Government. It would take a very bold and foolish council to try and divert Government funds to help bolster the town’s budget.

What is true is that the street lighting in Sector D-6, which was promised for the start of this year comes on some nights and not on others. So here is another rumour which I will start; the real reason we have had power cuts is because of problems with the installation in Sector D-6 and that is also why the street lights are on intermittently. Now I will sit back and wait for someone to tell me that as if it were a fact!

One thing is for sure, all these rumours are very damaging to the reputation of the town council and serve to further undermine the confidence that townsfolk have in their administration. I think you could say that things are not going well for Bigastro at the moment.

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