Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A day in court


As it turned out, it was only José Joaquín Moya, the ex mayor of Bigastro who appeared in court yesterday. Aurelio Murcia had already made his declarations several days before.

Moya arrived in court at 11:30am accompanied by his lawyer and left an hour later.

In his declaration, Moya said that he had never committed a swindle adding that his mother never gave birth to him for that. In his view, the issue of the 350,000 Euros paid to the town hall for permission to build on Sector D-6 was an internal matter for Ruiz and Murcia who were partners in Star Sol to resolve. He went on to reject any claim that he was working in collusion with Murcia.

image Remember this is the infamous document that shows the receipt of the payments by Andrea Villas S.L.to the town hall which amounts to 350,000 Euros for a canon (toll) for urbanising in Sector D-6.  

As you can see it is signed and stamped by José Joaquín Moya, who was mayor at the time.

It is dated 22nd December 2003 so why it took until 2008 for Ginés Ruiz Ibáñez to realise that a mistake had been made remains a mystery.  

Murcia said previously that this is probably a mistake and that the payment would have been for Sector D-9 (Urb, Villas Andrea) where the company were building. No se.

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