Friday, February 19, 2010

Prepare for a shock

A Costa Blanca News reader and amateur geologist Nigel Michael John Day of Alfaz del Pi has posted a warning that the Valencia Region will be subjected to seismic activity on Wednesday February 24.

Mr Day says through a contact he has in Ireland, who is also a geologist, and based on indications he has been getting in the local area, he is as sure as he can be that there will be some kind of tremor or quake on that date.

Some indicators Mr Day has found include increased levels of sulphur dioxide, especially near the top of the Puig Campana which is classified as an extinct volcano; something Mr Day claims does not exist, as no volcano can be extinct. He also says he has discovered a hole in his garden that is emitting sulphur dioxide and runs six miles deep, reaching the fault line that crosses Spain from east to west.

Mr Day also says the building of a tunnel at Barranco de la Batalla in Alcoy has disturbed the fault line and this, along with other tell-tale signs, gives him strong reason to believe there will be seismic activity on February 24.

When it comes to measuring the intensity of earthquakes he said anything below five on the Richter scale is classed as a tremor and above five it is a quake. Mr Day  added that a plus five quake that lasts for more than two minutes would cause serious damage to people and property. Let us hope that he is wrong.

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