Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Carnival at La Paz


It is customary for town’s to celebrate just before the start of Lent. The carnival that I photographed last Sunday was in Torrevieja.

Not to be left out, the children from the Infant School “La Paz” in Bigastro celebrated with their own carnival last Friday.

The theme for this year was animals and animal stories.

With the help of their mothers and relatives, the children produced their costumes using, bin bags, cardboard, paper, any other material they could lay their hands on and lots of face paint!

The results were just amazing and included; small and funny snails, ducks and chickens, lizards and frogs, rabbits and ladybirds along with nymphs of the forest, small rats and little red riding hood and the wolf.

A great day for the children and a lot of fun for the parents and relatives. You can see more photos of the amazing results of their work here.

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