Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just to confirm

image The decision to build the Microsoft innovation centre at Torrevieja has now been confirmed by the president of the Valencian Autonomous Government, Francisco Camps pictured here with Bill Gates in New York.  In the end, the fact that the local  hospital already uses Microsoft software extensively, the proximity to both Alicante and Murcia airports and to the universities at Elche and Alicante provided an irresistible case for Torrevieja.

The centre will start up with an investment of 800,000 Euros and employ a team of ten professionals and has the support of Microsoft, CAM bank and Telefónica who will be partners in the project. 

The mayor of Torrevieja, Pedro Hernandez Mateo is understandably delighted at the news and has thanked Doctor Manuel García Gea who is in charge of the hospital and all those who worked hard to make this possible.

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