Sunday, February 21, 2010

What’s in store for Bigastro

As i walked into the town yesterday, I couldn't help but hear the conversation between two Spanish neighbours on Calle de Subida Palmeras. On a bright and sunny morning when the skies were blue without a cloud in sight, one lady cheerfully remarked that it was a good day, “buen día” to which the other snapped, “¡mañana agua!” literally - tomorrow water. The lady said it twice as if to reinforce her disgust that this break from the grey skies and cold wet weather we had been having was to be short lived. My immediate thought was, surely the old lady was wrong so I checked.

imageWhat I found was that it all depends whose forecast you look at.

A couple of forecasts told me that, for today, we can expect rain. Weatherbug, for example said, there is a 90% chance of precipitation. It will be mostly cloudy and mild with temperature of 11°C. Winds from the SSW of 15km. Humidity will be 89% with a dewpoint of 9° and feels-like temperature of 11°C.

But when I looked at the State Agency forecast I got a slightly different story.


So who is going to be right?

The most reliable source of information is always the window in my room and looking out now I can see that it has rained quite a bit overnight but it is dry at the moment. The skies are grey but not as heavy as late. There is a band of low cloud hanging over the mountains at the back of Orihuela. I guess we will just have to wait and see how the day progresses.

PS I must seek out that old lady though, she obviously has good sources of information.

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