Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A great initiative

Spain has suffered more than most European countries in the recession and this region with its reliance upon construction perhaps the most. Now Bigastro town council has introduced an initiative which they hope will help construction workers to get back into work once the recession is over.

Yesterday, the councillor for Promotion, Inmaculada Martínez along with Alonso Cases of the Academy Julián Rojas and Dolores Fernández from Premedi (Prevention of Labour Risks of the Mediterranean) presented a plan to introduce courses aimed at workers obtaining their professional membership cards (TPC).

In the height of the building boom, labourers hardly had time to turn round let alone work towards professional qualifications. Issues like health and safety and labour risks had to sit on the back burner whilst they were busy meeting the demand for more and more houses.

Now that constructors have time on their hands, Bigastro has organised classes this weekend at the Auditorio Francisco Grau for workers who want one of the TPC cards. The cost of the eight hour course will be 72 Euros for those in work and 40 for those out of work (Bigastro Town Council are footing the bill for the difference).

Whatever criticisms you might level at Bigastro town council, you can never accuse them of not caring or trying their best for the people in the town.

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