Friday, May 07, 2010

Another night of surprises

In the UK elections, there are still 67 seats left to be declared. As things stand, it looks like the Conservatives will have the most seats in the new Parliament but not enough to take control and thus form a Government. The landslide they were hoping for didn't happen which meant that many key marginal seats remained with Labour (the Socialist Party). There were a few big losers though including the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith.

The party which must be smarting most though are the Lib. Dems.who, so far, have faired no better than they did in the last election. The good news however, is that common sense prevailed ousting Nick Griffin of the BNP from his seat.

So who will rule the roost? The Conservatives would like to think it will be them but if Labour can form a pact with the Lib. Dems. they could still continue to govern.

The current prediction is as follows:

Conservatives: 306
Labour: 262
Liberal Democrats: 55
Others: 27

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