Wednesday, May 12, 2010

“Those who can, should, those who cannot, we will always help.”

That is a great sound bite from the 52nd British Prime Minister, a promise that we all hope he can keep.

After all the behind closed door discussions and the political wrangling that has gone on since the election on Thursday, at last we know what is going to happen. There is to be a Conservative/Lib. Dem. coalition for the next five years; Mr Cameron will be Prime Minister and Mr Clegg his deputy. This will be the first full coalition government since 1945. In the meantime, Gordon Brown resigned as leader of the Labour Party with immediate effect and has suggested that he will also stand down as MP – presumably at the next election.

So Britain now has the youngest PM since Lord Liverpool in 1812: David Cameron is a few months younger than Tony Blair was when he took office in 1997. To be honest, it is not a job I would relish because you just know it will not be smooth sailing for the new government. Crisis will occur, promises will be broken and they will have Labour watching their backs all the time.

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