Monday, May 24, 2010

A bit more information

I mentioned some of the changes in the road traffic laws. Here are a few more.

It will be obligatory to  prove you have insurance for the vehicle to pass its MOT. Licences will no longer be confiscated for serious or very serious offences. Bicycles will no longer be confiscated from cyclists riding without helmets on roads. The speed limit on motorways will still be 120kph, but driving at between 120 and 150kph will not lose you points from your licence but will be fined 200 Euros for a serious offence. Higher speeds will lose you two, four or six points depending on how many kilometres over the speed limit you were doing. Radars will have a margin of 10kph for those driving at over 120kph. Using radar locators will now be allowed (but not inhibitors).

Unlike the UK system, in Spain you start off with points on your license and then loose them each time you commit an offence;

Six points off your license for:

Driving over the legal alcohol limit

Driving under the effects of drugs

Refusing to take breathalyzer or other tests

Dangerous driving, driving in the wrong direction or taking part in unauthorized races

Driving vehicles which have mechanisms to inhibit radar operation

Driving more than 50 per cent over the permitting times and not obeying rest times for land transport

Helping to install devices which alter the speedometer or speed inhibitor

Four points off your license for:

Driving without the proper license for the vehicle

Throwing away objects which can cause fires, accidents or obstruct circulation

Failing to obey a stop sign, give way sign or red light

Endangering vehicles driving in the opposite direction or overtaking with reduced visibility

Putting cyclists in danger when overtaking

Reversing on motorway and dual carriageways

Not respecting the order of officers directing traffic

Not keep the safety distance

Driving after having a license or use of the vehicle confiscated

Three points off your license for:

Carrying out illegal U-turns

Driving while using headphones or devices which distract attention from driving, operating a mobile phone, GPS device or communication system

Not using a seatbelt, child seat or helmet

Offences for which you will not lose points from your license:

Having an illegible, dirty, dark of bent license plate (Serious offence)

Parking in areas reserved for the disabled (Serious offence)

Allowing someone without a license to drive (Serious offence)

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