Friday, May 14, 2010

Making lives richer

Yesterday we went on a trip with the ladies from the other adult classes and members of the progressive ladies group. Our destination was the house of the lady in the blue top carrying the plant.

It turns out she has written a book about life in Spain when she was young – a fascinating tale of how things were very different than they are today.

The lady had invited us all to her casa which sits just below the Sierra de Orihuela. As you can see we did not go empty handed; the plant was a present for her from the people of Bigastro.

After a short discourse about how the lady came to write the book and a brief history of her life in this area, the tables were laid with plate after plate of the most delicious food which was washed down with chilled cider.

One of the ladies from the adult classes then paid tribute to her teachers by explaining that before - she could neither read nor write, she couldn’t even use the telephone because the numbers were incomprehensible. Now, as she went on to say, her life was so much richer because she could read the books that her grandchildren brought home.

Without their hands, these two would have difficulty talking.

We would like to thank the Ayuntamiento and the Progressive Ladies for organising the trip and the lady whose house we visited for making us so welcome.

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