Thursday, May 13, 2010

The second of the forums

Bigastro is ready to welcome the second of the forums aimed at revitalising the construction industry in the Vega Baja. On this occasion the main theme will be how tourism could be the way forward for the region. The meeting will also look at how  the current stock of houses could be bought and used as council owned homes. 

For the main topic, two experts in the field; the vice dean of Tourism of the Faculty of Philosophy and Liberal Arts at the University of Alicante and Sergio Campanella who is a consultant for the European Union will address the audience.

Their theme will be cultural tourism as opposed to the normal model of holiday tourism or the model of tourism generated by landmark buildings. It works for cities like Orihuela  which attracts many tourist at Easter, during the fiesta for Moors and Christians and for the Medieval Fair so why not for other towns in the area. The cultural events already exist, they just need some careful marketing.

They will look at the Italian “bed and breakfast” model. I don’t know about Italy but anybody who has toured Britain will know that is a more affordable alternative to a hotel. All you need is a spare room in you house and you’re in business. Pam and I have stayed in some very good B&Bs in our time.

Finally there will be a discussion about the alternatives to the traditional hotel as a lodging for tourists. I guess that involves the B&B model again.

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