Sunday, May 09, 2010

Relying on others

In order to secure a record fourth consecutive title in the Premier League, Manchester United need Chelsea to slip up against Wigan on their own ground. They also need to beat Stoke at Old Trafford. Now, it is on the cards that United will beat Stoke but for Chelsea to drop points against Wigan is almost beyond belief. Even so, the United faithful are relying on Wigan to pull something out of the bag.

By the same token the Conservative Party are relying upon the Liberal Democrats to enable them to form a government. In order to woo the minority party into working with them, the Tories are having to make more and more concessions. With less than a twentieth of the seats of the larger party, you could say that this is a bit like the “tail wagging the dog”. However, looking at the statistics: Conservatives 36.1% Labour 29% Lib. Dems. 23% and you can see where the third party are coming from.

My predictions:- Chelsea will be League Champions tonight and the Conservatives will get the coalition they need but there will be another election next year before they have to concede proportional representation.

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Man United Dave said...

Keith. I agree with both assessments, unfortunately, although right now I'd consider a Tory government if it meant United winning the league... Dave