Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebrating 500 years

This Thursday at 7:30pm, celebrations for the fifth jubilee of the Cathedral in Orihuela begin. With the permission of the Pope, the celebrations are set to continue until the 13th May next year.

During the jubilee year, there will be guided tours of the cathedral, conferences, a photographic competition, organ concerts etc all under the banner, ux Fidei”. Commemorative books will be published along with DVDs and Cds. Most significantly, the Cathedral will celebrate Mozarabic mass* for the first time in the Orihuela-Alicante Diocese.

You can find out more about the celebrations by clicking on this link. Please note that if you want to visit the cathedral on a guided tour can use the website to make a booking:-

• Visits to the Cathedral last between 35-40 minutes.

• To make a booking choose one of the available slots, indicate the number of people and your language of choice (Castilian or English).

• The maximum number permitted in a group is 60.

• You can visit the tower of the Cathedral; Fridays evenings and Saturday mornings.

• If you want to modify your booking; telephone +34 965 304 828 or send an email to NB This email address if protected against Spam bots. So you need to activate Javascript to use it.

• If you can’t make your visit contact reservations at 965 304 828 to allow other groups to take your place.

• During your visit please respect the zones of restricted access. Follow the guide and remember that the Cathedral is a work place.

For a virtual tour click on this link.

* Mozorabic is an early Romance dialects spoken in the parts of the Iberian Peninsula under Moorish power and heavily influenced by Arabic. I would therefore be surprised if many of the congregation will understand it any more than they do Latin mass. No matter, it will be a unique occasion.

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