Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fancy a pair of “meels”?

image When you are six foot something high, you’re unlikely to want to wear something that will make you look taller.

However, if you are vertically challenged like; Karl Lagerfeld, Prince, Richard Hammond and Nicolas Sarkozy then I imagine the discreet(ish) Cuban heel is a godsend. Spanish flamenco dancers seem to like them for their height and the “clunk” they make.

Here though we are talking of something a bit more extreme than an extra inch on the heel. It seems that height-enhancing footwear has begun to permeate across a broader demographic. For the first time since Glam Rock peaked three decades ago, men of average height are discovering the delights of a few extra inches. Men are taking to the man-heel or “meel”.

Eddie Izzard often wears heels but then he is openly camp. A friend of ours, who has small feet used, to don a pair of ladies’ heels at parties just for a laugh. I doubt that he would wear them outside though like the bright young thing in this photo from the Times newspaper.

You can be sure that I will not be embracing this latest fashion. Those shoes would be lethal on some of the streets around Bigastro!

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