Thursday, May 06, 2010

The polls are all finished

All the polling for the General Election in Britain is finished; the campaigns are over and the decision now lies with the ballot boxes.

All the polls seem to suggest that the Conservatives will win but by a slim margin over Labour with the Lib. Dems. trailing in third place. If the polls transmit into parliamentary seats then the Conservatives could end up with between 268 and 294 seats; the Labour party with between 248-274 and the Lib. Dems. with 77-82 seats.

There are apparently still a lot of undecided voters out there who could turn the whole thing “topsy turvey”. In particular, those who have said they will vote Lib. Dem may well decide to vote for one of the two main parties, as has happened before, leaving the third party with fewer seats than they hope for. Instead of voting for the party of their choice, people vote against the party they don’t want particularly in marginal seats.

There have been so many occasions when the polls have got it completely wrong, we shall have to wait and see.  As they say, tomorrow is another day.

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