Sunday, May 09, 2010

Set to spoil your view

image Renewable sources of energy are set to be the future as supplies of fossil fuels dwindle and the impact on the environment of burning them becomes more of an issue.

That means that wind turbines, even though they are a blot on the landscape, are here to stay as a means of generating electricity. In Spain, 2,459MW of electricity was generated by the wind in 2009 – up from 1,609.11MW in 2008.

Out of the whole country, there are only five provinces in Spain that do not contribute to this form of supply including Alicante. It is true that Alicante has 14 installations on the drawing board but none are yet in production and there is no date set for them to start. By comparison, Castellón and Valencia have 29 wind farms producing almost 1,000MW and there are plans to add a further 440 turbines in the future.

It can only be a matter of time before the mountain ranges of the province are scarred with these monstrous towers ruining any photographs that you might care to take of them.

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