Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beaten by the Germans

Actually we were beaten by everyone but at least we didn’t get the “wooden spoon”. Ten votes is hardly a score worth shouting about. Spain faired better coming 15th with 68 points for their entry Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny) sung by Daniel Diges. Actually Daniel managed to sing his song twice because his first performance was interrupted when a spectator jumped onto the stage. Maybe that helped, I don't know.

The Spanish song is one of those catchy tunes which I am sure will be played countless times this summer in hotels and bars. I wouldn't be surprised to find there is some cheesy dance routine to accompany it. Interestingly, it was only one of five songs that were not sung in English.

Oh well, the heady days when Britain could be sure of coming in at least the top five at Eurovision are well gone. Tactical voting for your neighbouring countries has seen to that. In fact, the Spanish commentator on TVE1 got it mostly right when he told us who would be awarded 12 points by each country. Under the current system, even bringing back Sir Cliff Richards would not guarantee Britain success.

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Pete said...

I don't think it was about tactics Keith - it was just a piss poor song. It was a Stock/Waterman song of course, and they specialise in twenty year old likeable but forgettable europop, and that's exactly what the song was. The problem was that Eurovision has now grown up a bit and they're after something a bit more mature. I think last year, crap as the song was, the UK finally appeared to be at least taking the contest seriously and that was rewarded in the vote. This year that wasn't the case.

Ah well, I don't think the UK music industry will shed too many tears over it. :)