Monday, March 12, 2012

Age is creeping up on us

Some of those who participated yesterday in the walk from Bigastro around the Huerta may be looking forward to the Poet’s Trail which will take place on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th March.

This annual event follows a route from Orihuela to Alicante passing though; Redován, Callosa de Segura, Cox, Granja de Rocamora, San Isidro, Carr, Elche and  finally Alicante where the poet is buried. Last year, 4,000 people took part; the organisers are expecting a similar number again this year.

You can be sure that Pam and I will not be joining them. Pam’s knees suffered badly from the walk yesterday so her plans for us to take weekly and even daily walks in order to slim down for the wedding have been set aside. There is not much point in us being an inch or so  slimmer around the waist if that means her knees are blown up like balloons. As for me, well my hips were a little sore after yesterday and my left leg ached a bit.

In my twenties I used to go out on Sundays for 20 mile hikes with my brother and thought nothing of it. Even in my fifties, I would go for 20 -30 mile bike rides and return home refreshed. On holiday, Pam and i would walk for miles leaving others to take taxis or catch buses. In the first few years that we were here, we would regularly walk down into the town and back and I bought a bike that I rode around the Huerta several times a week.

I think Pam and I have to admit that the days when we were fit to walk for miles have long since past.

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