Thursday, March 01, 2012

Regaining the upper hand

As if to prove that it is hard to get the upper hand on Aurelio Murcia, he has come back on the remarks made by the socialist spokesman in the press.

He says that Raúl Valerio Medina should worry more about the cases in court against him and the former mayor, Moya and less about what the current council is doing. He added that Medina should think carefully before he makes statements to the press and alluded to the employment status of the  family company which is involved in transport and agriculture (not quite sure what that is about but it sounds fishy). 

Murcia then moved on to the case of the complaint made about the rubbish dump at La Pedrera which was actually closed four years ago, long before the PP/UNPLC alliance came into power. He says the present council would be able to clean it if the previous council hadn’t cleaned out the municipal coffers – touché!

With regards to the complaints about sewerage at Villas Andrea, Murcia reminds us that this is a matter between the individuals and the constructor which the courts will decide upon. In fact, he points out that he did attend to the complaints made and did so in good English! That is a fair point, Aurelio does speak very good English.

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