Saturday, March 03, 2012

More about Molly

That's the thing about English weather, one day you are fooled into thinking that spring has arrived and the next day it turns bad. Yesterday it was lovely, today it is cold and damp.

One thing that was not damp was the welcome we got from Molly when her mother brought her round to our hotel. With a smile that spread across her little face she ran to us with her arms open wide looking for that first big hug and a kiss.

Once the niceties were over, she proceeded to tell us all about the exciting things that had been happening in her life and yes, it was soon to be her birthday which meant a party and lots of presents. Most important though she was having a Toy Story cake with Woody and Jessy on top.

How wonderful it is to be 2 years old, sweet and innocent. We really need to make the best of these years because before we know it, Molly will be a teenager with all the issues that will bring for her.

Anyway back to yesterday, once we had given Molly a few pre-birthday gifts, it was off to the shops. I can remember as a child hating going to the shops with my parents because shopping was a grown up thing. Not so these days, there are all sorts of interesting distractions on the High Street to keep a young person happy especially in places like Mothercare where children are positively encouraged to play with the toys out on display.

Later in the day, we met the photographer who is going to cover Laura and Dave's wedding. What an excellent choice we made there.

I was charged with the responsibility of researching this aspect of the big day and was very much impressed by the photos that Ian Jardine showed on his website. Having now met him and talked to him on a couple of occasions, I am even more impressed by his approach to the task. He does have the benefit of a wife who was a wedding organiser which shows in the thorough way he structures his shoot. I just know that Laura and Dave will be highly delighted with the results once everything is complete.

In the meantime, we have a birthday to cover, and having produced a photo book of Molly's first birthday, it looks like I will be doing the same this year and probably for several years to come. Just as well then that this is going to be a labour of love!

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