Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The forecasts said it would rain yesterday

The rainstorm yesterday caused chaos in Torrevieja and on the Orihuela Costa. The rain started at four am and continued until five pm and dumped over 130 litres per square metre of water in Torrevieja. That is half of the total rain that fell during 2011 in just one day. The worst period was between 8am and 9:30 which created huge problems for children going to school and for people going to work.

All four lanes of the CV-905 were flooded between the roundabout at McDonalds and La Siesta. The road had to be closed for five hours. They say that in parts the water was 50cms deep. Many of the other roads in and around the town were affected including the CV-95 by the hospital. 

The combination of heavy rain and winds up to 50kms per hour have spoilt many of the beaches in Torrevieja and on the  Orihuela Costa. With Easter on its way, that is not good.

There are videos of the problem in the local Spanish press.

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