Sunday, March 25, 2012

Top of the list


By law, towns have to comply with Royal Decree Law 4/2012 which calls for all local authorities to make plans to  pay outstanding debts to suppliers.

You may have noticed the item on the Bigastro web site seeking information from its suppliers so that the town can draw up its own plan.

Bigastro. 6,788. Has 3.7 million in unpaid bills, 545 euros per resident.

Redován. 7,500. Has 3.6 million in unpaid bills, 489 euros per resident.

San Fulgencio. 2,500. Has 4.4 million in unpaid bills, 353 euros per resident.

Callosa. 8,000. Has 5.5 million in unpaid bills, 306 euros per resident.

Orihuela. 88,000. Has 25 million Euros in unpaid bills, 281 euros per resident.

Guardamar. 6,900. Has 3.9 million in unpaid bills, 231 euros per resident.

Torrevieja. 102,000. Has 16.5 million in unpaid bills, 161 euros per resident.

Pilar de la Horadada. 23,000. Has 2.6 million in unpaid bills, 115 euros per resident.

Almoradi. 19,000. Has 1 million in unpaid bills, 51 euros per resident.

Los Montesinos. 15,100.Has 48,000 in unpaid bills,  28 euros per resident.

Benejúzar. 15,400 inhabitant, Has 53,000 in unpaid bills, 9.8 euros per resident.

NB These figures represent the debt to suppliers. They do not include debts to banks and other financial institutions.

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