Monday, March 19, 2012

Put your feet up dad!

Today is Father’s Day or El Día del Padre which happens also to be the Feast day of Saint Joseph.Today, all fathers, regardless of their name are Josés. 

Don’t bother trying to go out to the shops because they will be closed as will all banks and other businesses. It is a day when fathers throughout Spain will open their presents and show great surprise when they find that they have yet another tie to add to the collection.

IMG_6311 Last night we had the special annual concert for fathers which was in two parts. In the first half the Juvenile Band from the School of Music played for us. Their programme included: Agüero, a pasodoble by José Franco, Music from Shrek by Harry Gregson-Williams, Hobbit and a selection from Lord of the Rings by Howard Shore, Beauty and the Beast by Alan Menken and finally Lluna Meditrerránia by Teodoro Aparicio.

To be honest, some of those pieces were bold choices to make for the young musicians. They did struggle a little with some of the slower passages and their timing was a little wayward. However, there were some good solo performances and of course the audience were suitably gracious in their applause.

In the second part the senior band treated us to three glorious pieces from their repertoire. Nostalgia de tí, by Francisco Grau Vegara followed by Estampas de mi tierra by the same author and finally a new piece for the band, El caserio by Jesús Guridi.

Again there were some outstanding solo performances including those by the young lady on flute.

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