Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The best laid plans of mice and men

Yesterday was jobs day, so we got to Laura and Dave's nice and early. Molly had gone to nursery which meant the decks were clear for us to crack on.

First on the agenda was the curtain rail in Molly's room which had been giving Dave a lot of problems. I reckon that the wall had been made up with plasterboard when the house was refurbished. That meant that the holes he drilled were not going into brick. Without cavity wall fixings, keeping the bracket that holds the curtain pole up was going to be difficult. Still we managed it with an oversize screw and a tight fitting plastic plug. I hope for Dave's sake it stays up this time.

That job done, we moved on to sorting out the loft. As I said to Dave, lofts are a double edge sword, great for storing things but also places to harbour junk that you are never going to use. There was a lot of stuff up in Laura and Dave's loft that needed either to be sent to the charity shop or taken to the tip. There was also a lot of great memorabilia which of course delayed the job somewhat.

After a break for lunch, we returned to work and we were making good progress when the phone rang. It was the nursery calling to tell us that they had found a spot on Molly's tummy which they suspected was chicken pox. A couple of children had already gone down with the infection so it was perfectly possible.

Having Molly back in the house early rather curtailed operations and it will mean changing our plans for the next couple of days. Still more time with Molly around will more than make up for a few hours at the shops.  

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