Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring has sprung a leak!

Today is the first day of spring but you would hardly know it looking out of my window this morning. The lovely weather that we have experienced over the last week or so which brought many Brits out in their shorts and T-shirts has given way to a cold, wet spell.

Twenty one Spanish provinces are on alert today for cold, wind or snow. Four of the areas are on orange alert for snow.

In Almeria the forecast is for up to seven inches of the white stuff and at nearby Albacete they can expect up to 20 inches to fall. Thankfully, snow will only be at 900 to 1,500 metres which means in Bigastro we will just get rain.

Along with snow, the temperatures will be below freezing in parts of Spain like Madrid where the thermometers could record as low as –7 degrees centigrade.

Those who thought they could safely put their winter coats away will have to get them back out again for today. Either that or they wait until tomorrow when the forecast is for the sun to break though the clouds or Wednesday which is forecast to be sunny!

All I ask is please, please – can we have a dry Easter this year. 

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