Monday, March 05, 2012

On the 11th March you will have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area of the town and at the same time benefit the Alzheimer's Association in Bigastro.

Leaving the park at 10am, the walk will take you round the huerta in the direction of Jacarilla. A perfect chance for those who have not explored this area to discover the fascinating agricultural roots of the town and the Arabic system for watering the crops.

The walk will take about 2 hours returning to the park at about 12am. The cost will be a 2 Euro donation to the Associaton.

Having walked for a couple of hours, it will be time for well deserved refreshments. Fortunately, for a mere Euro, you will be able to enjoy a drink or a tapas on Calle Purisima.

Pam and I will of course be taking part, me with my camera and Pam with her walking shoes. 

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