Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hats 'r us

Yesterday was mostly about shopping. We had to take Molly's bike back to the shop to sort out a couple of small issues. We also wanted to call at the hat shop to choose a hat for Pamela to wear at Laura and Dave's wedding.

The lady told Pam that she had over 300 hats in stock and I can well believe it. There was a bewildering array of hats in a range of styles and colours. Mostly they were in pastel shades of beige, creams, pinks, blues and greens. There were also plenty of blacks and greys but very few in the berry colour that Pam was looking for.

Fortunately, there was one that was just the perfect colour and style to suit Pam so she will look the part as Mother of the Bride.

Today, it is the men's turn as Dave and I visit Moss Bros. to be measured for our suits. The choice has already been made so it is just a case of finding a tape measure long enough to encompass my ample figure.

Tonight we have the food tasting to look forward to and there are plenty of choices to make there. It isn't easy for couples these days with a bewildering range of decisions to make. It was far easier for Pam and I.

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