Monday, March 26, 2012

A great decision

I was charged with the responsibility to find a photographer for Laura and Dave’s wedding. There are literally hundreds of wedding photographers advertising their services on the web with prices ranging from the affordable to the astronomical. This was going to be more difficult than I thought.

The first criteria was to find someone whose style suited our requirements – a mix between traditional and reportage was what we wanted.

I came across Ian Jardine fairly early on and bookmarked him as someone who fitted the bill perfectly. As I continued my research, I kept coming back to him. There was something utterly  compelling about his pictures that I was drawn to. They were more natural than most, as if they had been tailored to the subjects rather than the other way round. Looking at his blog, you could see that each couple was treated differently – that was very important. 

Once we had decided that Ian Jardine was our best choice, he arranged a meeting with us at which time we could have said no. However, in person he was unassuming, gentle but yet thorough and very professional. At that meeting he showed us more of his images which was enough to convince us to go ahead and book him.

We then had a further meeting with both Ian and his wife Cathy who will be assisting him on the day. We discussed the type of photos that Laura and Dave were looking for and the time schedule for the day. Ian explained that there would be a second photographer working alongside him to capture those moments that he might miss.

As part of his packages, Ian offers a pre-wedding shoot. This is intended to get to know the couple better and at the same time provide them with some memorable shots. That took place last Saturday in an area of Manchester by the canal. Today, I have the results of that session and I can tell you they are stunning. Ian has captured the characters of Laura and Dave perfectly and as a bonus has included a few shots with Molly as well.

Here are some of my favourites. Picking out a few was difficult because they are all just so good. Visit his website to find out more about Ian Jardine Photography. 

Laura & David Pre Wed-1 Laura & David Pre Wed-13
Laura & David Pre Wed-14 Laura & David Pre Wed-21
Laura & David Pre Wed-11 Laura & David Pre Wed-25

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Pete said...

These shots are fabulous Keith! I have high hopes for the Summer!