Sunday, March 11, 2012

Worn out

This morning, Pam and I went for a very long walk. We were not on our own though because half of the town were with us. The event was organised to raise much needed funds for the Alzheimer’s Association in Bigastro that helps families with Alzheimer sufferers.

Having paid our two Euros, we set off across the bridge to the Huerta or market garden. There we turned left and then right to follow on of the paths towards the river Segura and its canals.  At the canal we turned right and followed it along in the direction of Jacarilla.

When Pam and I set off, about half of the group were behind us. However, the leaders set a blistering pace that we could not keep up with. One by one the walkers passed us. Actually it was Pamela that was suffering most; first with her back and then her knees. No pasa nada, by the time we’d walked for an hour all but a couple of stragglers had left us behind.

That was when Pam and I decided to cheat. When we reached the Sports Centre we turned right and headed back into  Bigastro. The rest of the walkers carried on towards Jacarilla and then turned right at the next bridge which brought them down to the roundabout. From there they walked back into the town.

As Pam and I reached the park, the people gathered there must have thought we were great athletes who had completed the course well ahead of the pack. No, not at all, I just wanted to be there to capture the leaders arriving*!

When they arrived back at the park,  the participants were in need of refreshments. Fortunately, the Association had thought of this and had laid on a bar with drinks and tapas at 1 Euro each. I tell you, a bottle of San Miguel never tasted so good and as for the meat balls – they were divine. 

You can see my photos of this event here.

If you took part, then you might be on one of them. Barbara, Carol O and Gillian were certainly there as was Raul Valerio, the spokesperson for the Socialists but where was Aurelio? Tucked up in bed I suspect!

* That sounds like a fair excuse for taking a short cut to me.

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